Top fast-food chain Burger King has launched a new and large-scale NFT campaign together with the online NFT platform Sweet.

The new event marks the next phase of the brand's "Keep It Real Meals" campaign that features American rapper Nelly, Brazilian singer Anitta, and American singer LILHUDDY. While several casual brands have recently set foot in the NFT space, Burger King does so at an unprecedented scale with its Real Meals NFT. 

There will be QR codes appearing on nearly 6 million meal boxes, each with the ability to unlock a digital collectible, and gathering enough of them can lead to unlocking more NFTs. Furthermore, some of these collectible tokens have an impressive utility included, such as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to call one of the campaign's partners celebrities.

Keep it Real meals
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Collect Your Burger King NFT

To join, participants will have to require a account, which is available through the Sweet Mobile App or the mobile platform. Fans can choose from any of the three Keep It Real Meal boxes that are curated by either Nelly (Cornell Haynes Jr), Anitta (Larissa Machado), or LILHUDDY (Chase Hudson). Each artist has a total of 9 different NFT pieces, making for a total of 27 unique items for the three of them.

When they scan the QR code in the artists' Real Meal box QR code, they receive one of three variations on one of three collectible NFT game pieces. They will be able to complete an artist's set when they can collect the same variation of each collectible NFT game piece. Additionally, users can trade these game pieces with others within the Sweet platform.

Once a set is complete, guests will be automatically granted a 4th NFT that contains rewards, awarding prizes from 3D BK digital collectibles, a one-year supply of Burger King Whopper sandwiches, autographed exclusive swag, or even a call with one of the partner artists.

About Sweet

Sweet is an online platform for sharing, selling, gifting, trading, auctioning, and offering NFTs. Pioneering flexible NFT distribution, the platform allows users to trade their NFT items any way they like, including building their own e-commerce stores.

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