Top NFT Games September 2021 Like 'Axie Infinity' and 'CryptoZoon' | Be Early for Upcoming Games
(Photo : Image from Nine-Chronicles Website) Top NFT Games September 2021 Like 'Axie Infinity' and 'CryptoZoon' | Be Early for Upcoming Games

With NFT games like "Axie Infinity" making a lot of gamers significant amounts of money, other games like "CryptoZoon" prove that being early to a game is certainly quite advantageous. Early players are usually the ones that are able to stack up on rare items, monsters, pets, warriors, and other in-game assets before the price soars.

Potential NFT Games Online

The good thing about NFT games is that players get to earn NFT coins and once those coins appreciate for early gamers, the value of the gamers' earnings appreciates as well. There have been a lot of NFT games on the watchlist of gamers who might have missed out on being early in playing "Axie Infinity" but for those that want to be early in the next big game, here's a list for you.

The list of NFT games in the first half come from PlaytoEarn.Online and they are games that aren't necessarily new but rather what is currently trending as of the moment. The second half will deal with games that haven't even launched yet but gamers might want to watch out for.

Nine Chronicles

This idle role playing game launches this September 8, 2021 and its first competitive arena season will be giving out 896,000 $NCG in prizes! This is over $2 million in prizes to be split amongst winners! The competition will end on October 6, 2021 and gamers will first need to hit level 17 to join the Arena Mode.

My Neighbor Alice

This online social building game allows players to simply build virtual land, interact with neighbors, and do all sorts of other daily activities. The game, however, is far from finished but Antler Interactive will allow players to try the early version as long as they have $ALICE. Until the end of September, 2021, $ALICE owners will get access to the introduction chapter of the game.

Ember Sword

This online action RPG game's land sold out in no time and the game is said to organize another community land sale. The token pre-sale is also expected soon and players will get special perks for claiming the native token early!

Hash Rush

This strategy game is within its closed testing phase and is getting ready to move onto the blockchain fully with the Vorto network. Hash Rush already had their first NFT sale and is expecting more to happen down the road.

Guild of Guardians

This fantasy-themed RPG is focused heavily on building communities or guilds and completing in-game challenges in order to earn $GEM, which is the game's native currency. There's PVP gameplay but players can fight monsters in dungeons. The game is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

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Play to Earn NFT Games

With more and more NFT games coming up, it is important for players to be early and not late when the price is already high. As of the moment, "Axie Infinity" is quite expensive but other upcoming games might be more affordable as of the moment.

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