Medication, especially the oral kind, is one of the things that people can be forgetful or lazy about. Taking pills and other medication at the same time every single day can be easier said than done. 

While there are daily, weekly, and even monthly pillboxes, such as the cases for birth control pills, that can be bought to help organize people's medicine intake, sometimes they are not enough to guarantee that a person does drink their medicines. 

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If you think that you need help in tracking and remembering your medication, there are actually medication tracker apps available for iOS and Android that you can download. 

These are some examples of medication trackers and reminder apps that will help you remember to take your oral medication regularly: 

Medication Tracker Apps: CareZone

Medication tracker apps usually include pill reminders, calendars, and the like. CareZone takes it a step further by offering pharmacy services. 

According to an article by Healthline, Carezone's pharmacy services can deliver medications monthly. Per the article, "the medications can be packaged in bottles or sorted and organized into individual packets" depending on the choice of the patient. 

It also has additional features that track weight information and glucose levels and a message board where users can connect with other users. 

CareZone is available for both iOS and Android. 

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Medication Tracker Apps: Mango Health

Mango Health is an app that both helps you manage your medication as well as keep track of your overall health. 

According to an article by SingleCare, "You can create a schedule of healthy habits you want to track, and the app offers helpful reminders to remain consistent with the routine."

The app also lets you set and receive reminders for your medication so that you can take them on time. 

Mango Health is available for both iOS and Android. 

Medication Tracker Apps: Medisafe Pill Reminder

Medisafe Pill Reminder, otherwise known as Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe on Android, is pretty self-explanatory. As its name suggests, you can use the app to remind you about your medication and to track your intake. 

According to its Google Play listing, features of the app include a pill reminder and alarm, refill reminders, appointment manager and calendar, and family and caregiver support. 

The app can also store multiple profiles, which makes this a handy tool to have for any person who is managing the medication of multiple people. 

This medication tracker app is available for both iOS and Android. 

Medication Tracker Apps: MyTherapy Pill Reminder

MyTherapy Pill Reminder is described by the article by SingleCare as a "simple and easy-to-use app." It allows users to track their medications and even receive reminders to take their pills. 

The app also allows the user to set appointments with doctors and even email reports straight from the app. 

MyTherapy Pill Reminder is available for both iOS and Android. 

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