Uhive, a British social media startup, has introduced "The Magna Carta Protocol," which serves as the world's first complete community moderation system for the social network.

As the world grows more decentralized, moderation of online content is ripe for disruption. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, about 73 percent of Americans believe that social media companies intentionally censor content. This statistic is hard to ignore, with at least one of the Big Four - Twitter - promising to deliver a decentralized moderation standard. The microblogging platform is yet to deliver on this promise.

Uhive Community Moderation
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The Magna Carta Protocol

It led Uhive, a British social media startup, to make an effort to give the control back to the user base by launching the decentralized moderation platform called The Magna Carta Protocol. Taking its name from the hallmark charter originally written in 1215 paved the way for future nations to shift their balance of power from the government to the governed. The original Magna Carta still has an influence that reaches modern documents worldwide, including the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The main provisions of the Magna Carta still resonate with the free societies of the modern world. Its principle imposes that all individuals are created equal and have the equal right to be heard, and they are to be judged by their peers only. Drawing inspiration from this concept, Uhive created a decentralized moderation (DeMo). The company explains that they made a move to cover the gap between our "digital rights" and our rights in the physical world, especially at a time when the world increasingly embraces the "metaverse."

Uhive also ingeniously took a cue from the free-content encyclopedia Wikipedia but added its own proprietary design for community moderation. With these innovations, the British startup empowers everyone to moderate Uhive and decide the volume level of content made available on the platform. Simultaneously, users are also given the space and the freedom to express themselves. With this decentralized moderation, users are given free rein to explore their preferred content and niche and meet like-minded individuals who share their beliefs and interests without the fear of censorship.

By letting people post and share content freely on Uhive - governed by decentralized moderation - they are given the option to engage with, ignore, or completely avoid other users. Those with opposing opinions are given a safe space to debate their differences, and marginalized groups also get their own space on Uhive. This goes in contrast with other sites where they would otherwise be banned, forcing these groups to go underground where they are taken to the extremes, festering in an environment filled with intolerance and hatred.

About Uhive

As the world's first social metaverse, Uhive works to merge physical reality with its digital counterpart. In the process, it aligns cultures, communities, entertainment, commerce, and economies in a Social Metaverse. The company was created with the typical mission of generating profit for its proprietors and shareholders but to generate value and wealth by offering digital dividends for all users.

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