A care manager app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that checks on senior citizens daily is currently on beta testing. 

The app, which is being developed by DaylaCare, can be set up in the phone of an elderly user. The platform then calls its elderly users daily for a two-minute check-in. 

Questions and answers made during the phone call will then be made accessible to family members or caregivers of the users. 

AI Care Manager App

DaylaCare App
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A care manager app being developed by DaylaCare allows family members and caregivers to better monitor elderly patients and loved ones. The app is currently on beta testing. 

The AI-powered platform provides "daily check-ins with personalized, AI-powered questions for relatively quick and unobtrusive monitoring," according to a report by Health Tech Insider

How it works is actually pretty simple. A family member or caregiver can set up the DaylaCare app on the phone of an elderly user. A user profile also has to be set up, which includes indicating health concerns that should be monitored by the app. 

The DaylaCare app then calls the elderly user every day. During each two-minute phone call, a "robot caller asks a rotating selection of AI-driven and validated questions based on the person's profile," per the report by Health Tech Insider. 

"The person's responses can elicit other questions for further information for future calls," the report adds. 

The question and answers made during the phone call will then be sent to the family member or caregiver via text message or email.

Per the DaylaCare website, phone calls can be made via any kind of phone or through smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

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Available Pricing Plans

Though the DaylaCare app is still on beta, it actually has three pricing plans users and their families or caregivers can choose from. 

The free version of the DaylaCare app will accommodate just one elderly user that the platform will check-in with daily. The free version will also send notifications to family members and caregivers and allow them to access the user's call history on the app. 

The next option is the premium plan, which can monitor multiple people for $30 per patient. Daily call records will be sent to family members and caregivers via text message or email. The premium plan supports international calls. 

The third and last pricing plan is the enterprise plan, which is ideal for large organizations. 

Using AI to be Better Care for the Elderly

The DaylaCare app is the latest example of how AI is being used to better monitor and care for elderly people. 

Another example of how AI is being used to better care for citizens is ElliQ, which is described as an Amazon Echo alternative for the elderly. 

A recent Tech Times report also showed another example of AI being used to deal with health concerns of the elderly. An AI MRI screening tool has recently been adopted in a hospital in Singapore that can help patients with dementia. 

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