The US Food and Drug Administration has allowed Vuse's vape and e-Cigarette products to stay on the market, despite initially gunning after all smoking alternatives for its health risks. This is to help people to avoid excessive tobacco smoking, but that does not mean that the FDA drops its case against these electrical products and the negative effects they bring. 

It was found that regular cigarettes and e-Cigarettes or Vapes have the same withdrawal symptoms and that they do not differ much from the negative effects they bring into a person's health. Any form of smoking has an effect on the body, and not many know that these devices still have nicotine in them, the known stimulant and addictive property in a regular cigarette. 

FDA Allows e-Cigarette, Vape Products To Stay in the Market

Electronic Cigarette
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The US FDA has only allowed three products to be continued to stay in the market and has permits for the marketing of these electronic smoking products among the public. The focus of this new regulation is the RJ Reynolds (RJR) Vapor Company which are known for their e-Cigarette devices called "Vuse."

The three devices that are part of the premarket tobacco products that are permitted in the market are the: 

  • Vuse Solo Power Unit
  • Vuse Replacement Cartridge Original 4.8% G1
  • Vuse Replacement Cartridge Original 4.8% G2 

These devices have said that it holds the interest of the public health by promoting electronic cigarettes over the traditional ones that have tobacco in them. Smoking is still considered a health risk and a negative activity that a person does for their health and is not condoned by the FDA despite this new regulation.

Hence, this is the only company that has presented its products in a light where it could be an alternative to traditional smoking to prevent health adversities and problems. 

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Cigarettes vs. e-Cigarettes

The FDA has denied other products of the companies, especially the flavored ones which they have also presented to the health agency for permits. This does not change the fact that the FDA considers all kinds of smoking to be dangerous, cigarettes and e-cigarettes alike. 

However, while it is true that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional ones, they can still bring expected health problems to a person, including lung and throat cancers. Also, it can lead to other respiratory problems, as well as heart ailments as well. 

The smoking industry has a lot of effects on the body, and it is not an essential activity for a person to do. 

Should You Stop Smoking?

The answer to the question of "Should You stop smoking?" is simply, yes. It is a known cause of diseases and morbid illnesses for decades now, and it still does even in the present. 

Smoking is still a big "NO" when it comes to human activities, may it be the traditional cigarette or the modern e-Cigarette or vape products, as they are harmful and a vice. 

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