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Apple Card users can now enjoy a 6% Daily Cashback on purchases made from the Apple Online Store. This is Apple's upgraded offer to its consumers.

Apple Card Daily Cashback

According to 9to5Mac, the Daily Cashback was first spotted by Tailosive Tech on Twitter. Apple has not officially announced the promotion on any media platform, but it comes weeks before the holiday shopping season.

Apple Card made its debut in August 2019, and Apple launched the 6% Daily Cashback offer for Apple Store purchases that year just before Thanksgiving as the company timed it for the holiday shopping season.

For this year's 6% Daily Cash offer, it appears that Apple added it in Apple Card just this week. It also appears to be valid for all purchases of Apple products, doubling the 3% cashback rate on Apple products using Apple Card.

The 6% Daily Cash promo was confirmed by 9to5Mac after they've purchased an iPhone 13 Pro Max case from the Apple Store Online.

In March, the 6% Daily Cash back were offered to new Apple customers that purchased using their Apple Card for the first time.

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Also, a lot of people see the 6% Daily Cash promotion in the Apple Card, and it is applied just in time for the MacBook Pro orders.

Getting 6% back on the product purchases is a great bonus given the high prices of the new gadgets and devices.

However, it is not confirmed whether the promo can be used on purchases made via the App Store, but the 2019 promo excluded the category and purchases of Apple services like Apple Music and iCloud storage.

The Daily Cash on your Apple Card is issued at the end of the day, and it will show up via your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app on your iPhone, according to Apple Insider.

You can also transfer that money straight to your bank account, apply it to your Apple Card balance, or you can spend it through Apple Pay. You can also use it to fund your Apple Cash transactions with your friends and family.

Apple Offers 0% Financing

Aside from the Daily Cashback, Apple also offers 0% financing for its Apple Card users. The 0% financing was first introduced back in 2019 for iPhone, and after a few months, it was expanded to other Apple products.

However, some users missed out because they did not choose the correct option during the checkout process, according to MacRumors.

Now, Apple is reaching out to those who may have been affected, and they are offering to switch them to the 0% financing offer.

If you have an Apple Card, you will be able to purchase a new iPhone through that card and pay back the phone through monthly installments for up to 24 months with no interest.

In June 2020, the 0% deal was extended to other Apple products. The new financing options can now be accessed for iPad, AirPods, Mac lineup, AirPods Pro, AirPods, Apple Pencil, and more.

The financing options differ by product. For example, more expensive items like iPad Pro and Mac offer 12-month financing with no interest.

The most affordable items like AirPods and AirPods Pro offer 6-month financing with no interest. Apple Watch is not included in the financing options, and Apple did not say why.

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