Apple's latest MacBook Pro has been spotted to have early inconsistencies, especially about the company's take in handling the notch for different apps.

According to the report, the status bar items display unusual behavior during the process.

Video Shows MacBook Pro Notch Problem

The Verge reported that a recent clip showed the extended menu bar items around the notch. In a series of tweets, Snazzy Labs head Quinn Nelson questioned the design of the Apple MacBook Pro and the underlying issues. 

Furthermore, the video highlighted that if you encounter an app, there's a possibility that you cannot hover your mouse pointer "behind" the notch.

If you attempt to move the pointer to the right, it will skip across the notch. Meanwhile, the upward motion would bump the pointer against the area.

Hidden Status Bar Items

It seems that the newest Apple Macbook Pro is misbehaving if the focus is on the Finder. According to a report by 9to5Mac on Wednesday, Oct. 27, the status bar icon could be lost or concealed inside the notch.

In case there's no problem with the notch, it could mean that the inconsistency could lie on the user interface. Nelson said that some apps occupy a lot of space from the status bar items, but that's normal even with the absence of the notch.

According to a user who commented on the first video, the Cupertino giant intentionally bars the old apps from occupying the intended space.

In the second clip, a bug appeared, which resulted in the loss of the status bar items when they were extended. Through iStat, Nelson illustrated the scenario using the iStat app.

Meanwhile, Dieter Bohn, the executive editor of The Verge, has detailed the likely reason behind the issue.

"Soooo the team in charge of Menu Items in apps was read in on the notch, but the team in charge of Menu Status items was not? lol," Bohn said.

The notch problem could indicate that Apple is not properly testing the devices before releasing them to the market. The problem is easy to fix, but it conveys a bigger message to the tech titan.

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How to Hide MacBook Pro Notch Using Third-Party App

Our latest report would help you to hide the annoying feature of the MacBook Pro. You can actually make it disappear through a third-party app.

To begin the cleansing process, the "TopNotch" app will help you remove this eyesore in your user interface. The developers of the said applications are the same as the team who created the "CleanShot X" for Mac screenshots.

The actual procedure will start once you download it by clicking here. Next, access TopNotch's .dmg file and drag it to the Apps folder on the Finder.

Once you are done, the shortcut will appear on the screen's upper right corner. Make sure to tap that to commence the removal of the notch.

In another report, the gadget's M1 Max GPU was spotted to be 181% faster than its previous counterpart, according to the benchmark test a few days ago.

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