How Blockchain is Transforming Social Media We Know
(Photo : How Blockchain is Transforming Social Media We Know)

Blockchain has challenged the status quo of many centralised systems, whether that be in payments or digital art. Now, we see major disruption coming where we spend most of our time today -- in social media.

Today, most interactions between celebrities and their fans on social media is commonly a one-way interaction. Celebrities post pictures and videos on their feed; fans view, like, or comment -- often hoping that the celebrity will notice and comment back -- which most often go unnoticed by the celebrity. 

Enters Promify ($PROM), a new blockchain-based social token platform, to revolutionize this interaction. Using blockchain, Promify allows celebrities to identify their "Superfans", wherein Superfans get exclusive and priority access to NFT and merchandise pre-sales, concert tickets, fan meetings, and more.  All this is possible through what Promify calls "Celebrity Coins", a customized cryptocurrency for each celebrity, which fans can buy to prove their fandom. 

Promify is created by Prometeus Labs ($PROM), which has been pushing for freedom of expression and the right to private data sharing since its founding in 2017. Based on their speech on the recent Binance Dubai Meetup 2021, Promify has been created to become the platform where artists, celebrities, and innovators can freely share their ideas, and be compensated based on how much their fans appreciate them, whilst removing the traditional middle man - namely social media - who keeps huge percentages of the artist's income.

Promify is expected to launch this winter in just a couple months, so stay tuned to find out how to get involved.

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