Apple's Safari can now output a display of 120Hz when scrolling through the browser with a supported display, and it is under the "Safari Technology Preview" of the company, which anyone can download. The venture would allow people to surf the web with smoother waves and results, giving them a new experience with using Safari and a high-speed display. 

Apple Safari: 120Hz Scrolling Beta Now Available

Safari Technology Preview
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Apple's list of Safari Downloadables has shown the new "Apple Safari Technology Preview" that is known for having the purple color for the compass of the web browser from Apple. The recently released 120Hz scrolling feature for Safari is now available, and yes, it would bring the experience of web browsing to a faster screen rate. 

Instead of a normal screen refresh rate at around 24 to 60fps, it would be at 120fps that has no problem in bringing the said refresh rate and quality, giving the best possible output for Apple screens. The feature was released on Monday, bringing massive excitement for all, especially those that would soon be receiving their 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro

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Apple Safari 120Hz: How to Download Beta

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Safari browser

However, despite users not having the latest MacBook Pro yet, this can be used, particularly when they have a display that can output 120Hz where they can hook up their Apple device to. The Apple Safari Technology Preview is available to be downloaded by anyone that wants to try the beta and the enhanced scrolling feature. 

Apple's Beta of New Tech and Software

Apple has a new beta of tech and software with its Safari Technology Preview as mentioned above, but these are not the only beta downloadables and available systems from the Cupertino giant now. It is also known that users can get the betas for the iOS 15 now, especially as it remains a work in progress from Apple regarding its features and offers. 

Another noteworthy Apple Beta now is the macOS Monterey or the 12th build of the Cupertino company with regards to their computer operating system that focuses on the Mac. The new software is highly focused on the growth of the M1, and this has been a problem for those that still have the pre-M1 that uses the T2 chip from Apple. 

The many betas indicate that while Apple has the technology it aims to debut now, it still has a lot in store for users coming in the future, and it remains to be a noteworthy and one for the books. It also shows that Apple is not yet complete with its releases, bringing new features for the different devices it has, for example, the new 120Hz display it has adopted for its new screens.

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