The Apple Car's render was recently surfaced online and it was breaking the internet as a UK Leasing company named "Vanarama" claims that it is the real deal from Apple. The company said that the design came from the Cupertino giant's patent that has been filed with regards to the electric vehicle's project that is a massive secret.

Apple Car Patent: Vanarama Creates Render of Design from Cupertino

According to the report by Complex, a United Kingdom-based leasing company named Vanarama has released a render of the Apple Car from the patent that was submitted by the Cupertino giant. Not much was divulged by the leasing car company from where it has retrieved or seen the original patent for the design's source.

The look of the new Apple Car resembles that of a muscle car that has been retrofitted with an electric motor and a modern design that makes it look like the future. Also, another thing given highlight here are the coach doors that are highly known for their addition to the British's Rolls Royce, or the hinges being on opposite sides so the openings would face each other.

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Apple Car Render: Is it the Real Deal?

Many are astounded by the new look and design digitalized render of the Apple Car, and it somehow looks like the real deal. However, it is important to take a step back and not take this as the final design of the EV made by Apple, as it is not a confirmed venture or design from them.

A lot can change from this because it is still a patent and it could be different from the upcoming design. Second, there are no sources that were provided by Vanarama regarding where the patent came from, so it is important to take a step back from this.

Is Apple Car Coming?

People were massively fixated on the iOS 15 and the new iPhone 13, they almost forgot about the next big thing from Apple, and it is with the Apple Car, the initially leaked concept for an electric vehicle. The initial listings of a vehicle from the Cupertino company were up since 2015, has been six years since then before massive speculations and leaks again.

Formerly the most valuable company in the world, Apple has been known for its secretive approach to different releases it has, including that of its smartphone devices, laptops, tablets, and more. The only time that people would be given a context as to what the release is would be when they would be having the event itself.

The company is full of leaks and imaginative renders that would tell the public how a certain device from them would look or feel, something that would be describing it for when it releases. However, that can change or not push through, as nothing much is certain with regards to these speculated and alleged leaks coming from Apple, like the Apple Car.

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