PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock November 18, 2021 | Invite Only
(Photo : Image from Kamil S on Unsplash) PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock November 18, 2021 | Invite Only

The PlayStation 5 remains one of the most in-demand consoles despite already a year after its launch. One major reason it has remained in demand is due to its scarce supply and scalpers blocking the market, making it hard for regular gamers to buy the console at SRP.

PS5 Restock on PlayStation Direct

Every once in a while, online retailers drop a PS5 restock, including PlayStation Direct. However, the approach that PlayStation Direct takes is quite different compared to others as it is an invite-only PS5 restock.

This means that despite many people still wanting to purchase the console, the console will only be sold to those individuals who get invited by PlayStation Direct. In order to receive and be part of the invitation, buyers have to have an account with PlayStation.

Have an Account with PlayStation Direct

Those who had an account and have already used it to purchase previous games on the PS4 would increase their chances of being invited to purchase the PS5 restock when it drops. This, however, is still not a guarantee.

Although PlayStation is doing its best in order to ensure that the PS5 restock ends in the hands of actual consumers, scalpers still come into the picture. Scalpers are individuals who purchase the PlayStation 5 or other consoles or products to resell them at a higher price.

Sony and NVIDIA on the Global Chip Shortage

Sony's CEO, Jim Ryan, shared that the whole PS5 scalper situation and resellers "frustrates and upsets" him, according to Ryan admitted that the current global chip shortage had affected the company's ability to manufacture more PlayStation 5 consoles to meet the current demand.

The global chip shortage has affected more products aside from just the PS5, including the Xbox Series X and especially the mid-to-high-end GPUs. According to DigitalTrends, NVIDIA says that the current GPU scarcity caused by the global chip shortage is expected to last well into 2022.

Get Notifications for the Next Restock

Aside from the global chip shortage and scalpers, buyers are also faced with another problem, each other. With a number of people still hoping to purchase the PlayStation 5 at SRP, the demand for the next-gen console remains extremely high.

One technique to increase the chances of purchasing the console is following PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts. These accounts tweet out notifications whenever a new wave of restocks is available online. 

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Turn on Notifications to Receive Emails

Whenever the PS5 restock trackers tweet out new consoles online, buyers need to move as fast as possible to purchase the console. One technique is to have accounts with different online retailers known to sell the PS5 stock online like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and more.

To be part of the invite-only PS5 restock, it is important to have an account with PlayStation Direct that is already verified. Turn on notifications in order to receive emails from PlayStation Direct regarding new deals or a new PS5 restock.

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