"Street Fighter" fans, it looks like you will all have to wait until next year for news on the future of the much-loved franchise. However, Capcom has given fans an idea of what they can expect about the next game in the series.

Capcom has confirmed that "Street Fighter V's" Luke will be a major part of the franchise's next game. Luke is the latest DLC character of "SFV" and is the fifth one to be added to the 2016 game. The other DLC characters are Akira, Don, Oro, and Rose.

Beyond the news of Luke being part of the next game in the series, Capcom has yet to confirm or announce any details about the next game.

Many believe that news about the next game would have been released by now, but Capcom was stopped from announcing the news by the sudden departure of the series' producer as well as the ongoing success of "Street Fighter V."

'Street Fighter' Game News in 2022

News about the future of the "Street Fighter" franchise can be expected by fans next year, according to a report by Destructoid.

Series director Takayuki Nakayama said that the most recent game in the series, "Street Fighter V," has been a project with a lot of highs and lows. He said, "We, the development team, will use this experience as a springboard to move on to the next project!"

It is now being speculated that Nakayama is referring to the next game in the franchise, which many have assumed to be "Street Fighter VI."

According to Destructoid, news of the next game could have been released by now, but "the ongoing success of SFV - as well as the sudden departure of series producer Yoshinori Ono - led to Capcom launching a fifth and final season of DLC content."

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Will Luke Play a Part in the Next Game?

While nothing major has been confirmed as of press time about the future of the series, Capcom has given fans a bit of an idea about what they can expect.

According to a report by Eurogamer, Capcom has said that Luke, the latest DLC character for "SFV," will be a major part of the next game in the series.

Eurogamer described Luke as "a blonde American mixed martial artist who experienced some dramatic childhood event involving his father that inspired him to become a fighter and join the military."

He is the fifth and final DLC character of 2016's "Street Fighter V," joining Akira, Don, Oro, and Rose in the list. According to Destructoid, it is believed that Capcom's original intention for these five characters was for them to be part of the roster of the series' next game.

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