Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Arrives With New Characters, Modes, And Challenges


Capcom has brought the long-awaited season 3 DLC for Street Fighter V, which comes with a plethora of new content for PS4 and PC gamers.

These new features include six new fighters, a few different modes and challenges, and much more.

A new cinematic trailer from Capcom showed fans Ryu meditating before he is approached by Akuma, to which a huge fight follows. In the video, we get a look at the new six DLC characters coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which will be periodically released in January.

Check out the epic, action-packed trailer below.

Everything Included In 'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition'

The new content coming in season 3 include not only new characters but also an arcade mode, second V-triggers for all characters, lots of modes and challenges, and more.

As for the new characters, Street Fighter fans will be happy to see the return of veterans Sakura, Sagat, and Blanka. Also joining are Cody and G from Street Fighter: Alpha and Final Fight. Furthermore, gamers will see the addition of Falke, who is all new to the series and has only appeared in the story mode of the new title so far.

In the Arcade Mode, gamers will be able to partake in six different story paths. Each story will represent a main Street Fighter title starting from the first game. Each chapter will include characters from that title, and there will be an online leaderboard that will show how players complete the paths.

A second V-trigger for all characters will arrive, which will help gamers find a new way to fight with the roster. This will help with new strategies, combos, and options.

Gamers will get access to Team Battle Mode, which allows two local teams of up to five different characters battling it out. They’ll also be able to play in two option modes, including elimination and best of series, giving users a tougher challenge.

We’ll also see the addition of Extra Battle Mode, which allows gamers to compete in limited-time challenges to obtain in-game items and materials such as Fight Money, costumes, and experience.

Players will also see special challenges when completing missions that will offer up unique titles. No exact word on what these titles will be, but they will arrive throughout the year.

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition released on Jan. 16 for $39.99 and includes the original Street Fighter V game, a season pass for all 12 characters, and all the extra modes mentioned above. For gamers who own Street Fighter V, a free update will arrive for access to the new content.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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