Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out about the company's recent move into "right-to-repair", and the executive's stand is pro the venture, saying that it "feels good" to give people manuals and parts. The long-time Apple CEO after Steve Jobs has said that everyone who knows that they are capable of fixing their Apple devices has a chance to do so, but is still welcome to Apple Service. 

Apple's Self-Repair Program: Tim Cook Says He Supports It

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An interview by KLTA Los Angeles reporter, Rich DeMuro, has discussed the right-to-repair and the stand of the Apple CEO regarding this in a conversation. Here, Apple's Tim Cook said that it "feels good" to be giving people the manuals, parts, and needs they require for fixing their devices on their own, as a DIYer or home professional. 

Cook said that people could be experts on their rights, with some having hands-on experience on tech devices, and refers to them as the "Popular Mechanics" crowd. Several people that also DIY fix their own devices are trained to do so, and this is what the Apple CEO acknowledges in the recent interview and ventures by the Cupertino giant regarding self-repair. 

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Tim Cook: Apple Service Still Open for Fix, Tweaks

As discussed in the interview, Tim Cook said that despite the new Apple self-repair program being launched by the company and coming soon, Apple's Services are still open for those that need it. The CEO still recommends that people go to AASPs for their needs and problems with their gadgets for better assistance and repair to be done. 

Apple: Right to Repair and MORE

Apple started its support for the US government's pressure to allow people to fix their own devices without necessarily voiding warranties or requiring them to have them delivered to their service providers. The right-to-repair adherence of the company has been first this early November, and it gained the support of popular content creators that focus on fixing Apple devices. 

Different manuals and parts for the right-to-repair focus of Apple for its devices and company are coming by 2022, and it would bring the requirements that a person should need when opening up their devices. From the Mac down to the iPhones, the right-to-repair is here to bring a guide for all that wants to DIY or parts for those professionals already. 

It takes a massive stand of companies like Apple to go into right-to-repair, especially with its CEO Tim Cook which has initially shunned the idea of having the fix outside an Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP). However, the CEO came to realize that not all that want to fix their Apple devices are DIYers, and some are engineers or licensed ones that know their ways around these devices. 

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