Zoom announced several features, including the new 'attendance status' that will keep track of your attendance once you join a zoom meeting.

Zoom Meeting Attendance Report

In a recent announcement, Zoom introduced their new feature called 'Attendance Status' that will make the job easier for hosts to take note of whether the participants joined the meeting and/or if someone arrived late.

Alongside this update, participants who were initially invited to join the meeting but are not present in the room will be placed in a new 'Not Joined' section that will be located in the Participants panel.

Additionally, participants who have been singled out in the 'Not Joined' section will also have their calendar response noted (Accepted, Declined, Maybe, and No Response).

Furthermore, the Zoom host can choose to invite missing participants by calling them in the current meeting through the 'Ask to join' button. They can also click the 'Chat' feature to compose a message intended for the contact through Zoom chat.

However, the new attendance tracker feature is only available to Zoom users who integrated both Google and Outlook Calendar. At the moment, the new update is currently available in beta testing.

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Now, certain limitations had been set for the new tool. 

Firstly, the attendance tracker will not work for recurring Zoom meetings.

Second, Zoom meetings have to be scheduled first after the feature has been rolled out, including Google and Outlook calendar integrations.

Lastly, the feature is set to work for Zoom meetings with a maximum of 200 attendees only.

Finally, this new feature will be set forth to note attendance and for hosts to see who are late and missing despite the invites sent before and during the meeting.

Zoom's New Features

Besides the new attendance checking feature, Zoom also announced several features that will be rolled out soon.

There will now be an enhanced slide control that will enable multiple participants, not just the main host, to control the slides during a presentation. Polls will also have additional options, with ranked responses, short and long answers, matching answers, and fill in the blank.

While Zoom became popular these days, in relation to more people having to work from home, the video conferencing tool was criticized by many for its not-so-strict security management. This is after reports of Zoom meetings endured a string of 'Zoom bombings', where people who weren't invited or had no Zoom details could join the meeting, invade and disrupt calls.

As a response, Zoom is on its course to impose strict security features to protect meetings from intruders. Alongside this new feature, there will also be a tougher encryption method called AEE 256 GCM, one of the most impenetrable encryption systems yet to be hacked.

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