For those fans of Harmony ONE, bad news has befallen the network as Shard 0 stopped working for 7 hours. With that, the network is stuck and unable to maintain consensus.

Harmony Blockchain Network at Halt Due to Shard 0

Before making any transactions on the Harmony blockchain network, it is important to check their live network status as it has been experiencing technical difficulties. With that, transactions are now stalling, with balances not showing up.

The extent of the technical problem has caused transactions to stall and balances to not show up and dApps becoming no longer accessible and transactions from Binance/Kucoin not showing up.

What Happened to Harmony ONE?

Wu Blockchain just tweeted out that Shard 0, which is the main shard of the Harmony blockchain network, has suddenly stopped producing blocks for more than seven hours. Harmony itself has stated that the network has suffered multiple block propagation issues over the course of the last 30 hours due to heavy spam traffic.

As per Harmony's official Reddit, an internal leader node of the Harmony blockchain was overwhelmed due to spam traffic that followed a network upgrade and forked the chain. This resulted in a consensus becoming unable to be met and the network halting.


Here is What Harmony is Doing to Fix the Problem:

  • 7:30 AM PST - a change was made in the binary in order to reduce logging. These changes were deployed on shard 0 and 1 RPCs while shard 2 and 3 are under monitoring as they haven't experienced outage yet.

  • 7:45 AM PST - this build was then installed on internal validator nodes and showed a reduced traffic.

  • 9:00 AM PST - the new build was released to validators on both shard 0 and 1 allowing the blockchain to run but it still needed to achieve 67% consensus.

  • 9:30 AM PST - shard 0 was finally able to reach consensus but was still unstable and slow moving. Shard 1 wasn't moving and external validators had to update their nodes to the newest build for them to help.

  • 9:40 AM PST - shard 0 reached consensus for a single block leaving them hovering at 66% consensus while waiting for more validators on shard 0 to update their nodes to the new binary.

  • 10:00 AM PST - they have been unable to reach consensus again due to block 21705524.

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Harmony called out to the validators on shard 0, asking them to upgrade to the new binary. Besides, validators have also been banding together to reach the others and update their binary in order for Harmony to start working again. 

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