The Healthcare Platform that is Changing the Insurance Industry on a Global Scale
(Photo : The Healthcare Platform that is Changing the Insurance Industry on a Global Scale)

Though with certain fluctuation, travel restrictions are easing up, and international travel is beginning to boom again, together with certain hesitance among travelers. Whether travelers are nervous about catching a stomach bug in Thailand or spraining their ankle in Peru - thanks to the pandemic, people have never been so anxious about falling ill while abroad. Even the Indiana Joneses of the world can't discount that slight chance of something going wrong.

Getting professional medical assistance while on international waters (or grounds) shouldn't have to be inconvenient or anxiety-inducing and definitely isn't anymore. The globally rising startup, Air Doctor focuses on bridging the gap between insurers, doctors, and travelers. Allowing insurers and medical professionals to offer a universal healthcare product and giving travelers access to the same. Air Doctor is revolutionizing not only the medical industry, but insurance too - and on a global scale.

Industry Leaders Through Innovation

The slogan says it all: Experience the world worry-free. Air Doctor presents a solution to the global problem of international travelers seeking professional medical care. The innovative digital platform gives travelers access to a worldwide network of doctors and specialists who speak their language for either home, clinic, or virtual consultations, narrowing the divide between the medical and travel providers.

In other words, Air Doctor is international medical care at its finest.

Pioneering The Medical Industry

 The global company aims to boost customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty, all whilst increasing revenue and market share for health insurers, online travel agencies, and medical professionals alike.

In fact, Air Doctor's offerings have surpassed expected industry 'standards' over the course of the last three years. While most established insurance companies labor to achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) above 40, and industry averages for medical institutions reach only an NPS of 20, - Air Doctor's NPS of 80 is no small feat.

Through powerful collaboration, major insurance groups around the world, like Allianz PNB, De Goudse, The Phoenix Insurance, FBTO and others are partnering with Air Doctor to deliver a new standard of service to their customers every day. As a result, Air Doctor's network of healthcare providers means that partners can reduce their costs by a proven increased rate of at least 20%.

By the same token, leading online providers like TravelPerk can actively pave the way for a smooth-sailing experience for travelers seeking online medical services through Air Doctor's simple to use app and website.

Anticipating a surge in international travel means, naturally, that the demand for online medical services will rise. Air Doctor is already in the process of scaling up and expanding its efforts to solidify its presence around the globe.

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Unrivaled On Every Level

At a global level, Air Doctor remains the only company that addresses the universal problem international travelers face - the lack of specialized medical support - through simple and intuitive online medical services.

Air Doctor offers multilingual services. Their app supports six major languages, and in addition, their existing network of medical professionals provide telemedicine services in 15 languages with the ability to prescribe medications in most visited countries through the video consultation.

In a truly unmatched contrast, Air Doctor provides clinic, at-home, or telemedicine consultations across 2,000 cities in 70 countries through their simple-to-use app that gives users access to a growing network of 20,000 medical professionals.

Changes Come with Challenges

Looking ahead, the future of the travel, health, and insurance industries will need to depend on disruptive digital startups - whether they want to or not. With the pandemic turning everything on its head, and technology forcing businesses to evolve to stay relevant; companies that choose to make the most of these conditions will be among the ones that triumph.

A disruptive company isn't just a business that challenges industries. It's a business that changes them. Besides, there's no denying that our conventional counterparts no longer meet the challenges we face on a global level. Within the context of the medical and insurance industries, companies like Air Doctor present ingenious ideas that not only go against traditional norms but offer a universal solution that benefits and simplifies across the board.

These industries seem to encounter challenge after challenge, but so long as they welcome the changes brought by innovators like Air Doctor - together they can contribute towards making medical care more accessible globally.

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