Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is done filming and is currently in post-production as Warner Bros. prepares to kick off the DC Cinematic Multiverse.

However, the company is already working on the first bits and pieces of Justice League: Part One, and we are hearing production could begin in 2016.

If this rumor is right on the money, then it can only be seen as great news since the movie is scheduled for a 2017 release date. Next to nothing is known about the first Justice League movie, but the Internet is overrun with rumors, many of which are garbage.

The recent rumor claims that the script in its current form is too good, thus Warner Bros. may have to order a minor rewrite to allow for non-comic book fans to understand where the story is going. This makes perfect sense, but hopefully the studio doesn't tone it down too much.

We have to wonder, though, will the Justice League movie be filmed back-to-back since there are two parts? It is difficult to tell, but considering Justice League: Part Two is coming out in 2019, which is two years after the first movie, we would like to think it would not film back-to-back.

Who will be part of the Justice League team? And what is the story about?

So far, we can be certain that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman are on board. There have been rumors that Green Lantern might not make the first draft, but we are inclined to believe otherwise since in the comics he's a founding member.

When it comes down to the storyline, rumors want us to believe that Dril Vox, who is also known as Brainiac 2, or the first identity of Brainiac, is the main villain.

However, it is not certain if he will be the villain in both films or just the first one. If true, we'd love for him to be the main villain in both films, just to give the writers room to flesh out his origins and the reason why he truly wants to destroy things.

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