Benedict Cumberbatch is the epitome of cool. He's like Great Britain's version of George Clooney; no matter how silly, drunk or outrageous he gets, we can't quit him.

But would Benedict Cumberbatch still be so suave and sexy if he didn't have a name as amazing and unforgettable as that six-syllable wonder that rolls off the tongue? Would he still exude that magnetic charm if he was not "Benedict Cumberbatch"?

Jimmy Kimmel set out to answer that very question with a segment called "Benedict Cumberbatch Tries New Names." The pre-recorded clips feature Cumberbatch at a bar, introducing himself to someone off-screen.

The fun-loving actor is always up for a good gag, so he jumped in with both feet, conjuring up dozens of new names that he tries on like a pair of shoes. Many of the names are random, like Chad or Fred, but there are several others that you'll recognize. We won't spoil them. Just watch.

Eh, doesn't seem to matter. He's still him.

Is it the voice? It's the voice, isn't it.

In all seriousness, the most amazing part of that video might be that Cumberbatch does the bit again and again, but ad-libs a different spin on the classic "pickup line at a bar" almost every time. We'd love to know how many of the names the actor came up with on the spot, and how many were fed to him by the Jimmy Kimmel crew.

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