If you commute in New York then you know what a pain subway riders can be. There is the rush hour commute that has everyone packed in like sardines, the smelly guy that wipes out an entire car and the manspreaders.

In an attempt to teach commuters proper subway etiquette, the MTA launched a new ad campaign earlier this month which features humorous signs. The ads include warnings about using the subway car as your personal bathroom (please stop clipping your nails!), taking up space by putting your bags on a seat, holding open the doors and eating smelly take-out.

And now New Yorkers are recreating the etiquette ads by dressing in body suits that mimic the stick figure-like people that are shown in the ads.

To recreate the ad, fitness trainer CJ Koegel went on the subway dressed as the red man, along with a green man friend Chris Zelig. Koegel uses his upper body strength to copy the ad that says, "Poles Are For Your Safety, Not Your Latest Routine."

Koegel humorously takes his trash outside the subway car, only to drop it on the stairs. The faceless green man is there to save the day and properly dispose the trash.

Through the series of reenactments, views can tell Koegel is playing the role of what not to do, as the green man shows New Yorkers the right way to ride. He even gets the girl in the end!

Watch the video below.

[Photo Credit: CJ Koegel/YouTube]

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