The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is by far the most compact and lightweight external SSD in the market to date. Measuring 71 by 53 by 9 mm, the size of the T1 is almost similar to a personal credit card. It only weighs 30g yet it delivers an impressive speedy performance.

Just as the name implies, the T1 is portable enough to keep in one's pocket or perhaps even in a purse. It radiates a stylish design from a smart combination of glossy black and textured plastic casing covered with diamond patterns.

When it comes to toughness, Samsung has yet to make such claim on the device. Squeezing the middle portion would make the device flex a little, which means that deliberately applying some weight on it may not be a good idea.

The T1 comes with a USB 3.0 to Micro USB 3.0 cable that measures 10cm long. It bears a tough and flattened shape that allows it to remain straight and snag free.

Compared to USB flash drives that are designed with similar high-capacity features, the T1 has transfer speeds that can be difficult to beat. Several tests have proven that the device is capable to write large files at 319.7MBps while reading the files back is even faster at 392.3MBps. Such speed is more than twice the speed that comes from other USB flash drives.

These drives are also bigger in size. An example of a product that can be used for the purpose of comparison is the SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.0. The latter is said to deliver write speeds of up to 240MBps and read speeds of up to 260MBps.

Along with its impressive performance, the SSD T1 also offers huge storage capacity. Available sizes are 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. With its large capacity, it is possible to simply store all of a user's personal files in the T1, which eliminates the hassle of copying them from one machine to the other.

It's also very convenient to use. Built with 256-bit AES encryption, the T1 features quick and easy password protection on all files. Since the encryption is also hardware-based, there's no way for it to affect the T1's performance. There's also no need to install and administer third-party software. It's always ready and easy to use with just one password needed each time the device is inserted.

Here is what review sites have been saying so far about the SSD T1 from Samsung:

Digital Trends: There's no disputing the performance or portability of the T1. It's a truly outstanding drive that constantly takes people by surprise. "There's a terabyte in that?" was a phrase we frequently heard when we revealed the drive's capacity.

Expert Reviews: The T1 has seriously quick transfer speeds and a high storage capacity in a pocket-size package. It's a cut above a USB flash drive and more portable than other external SSDs we've reviewed.

Trusted Reviews: Portable storage doesn't come much faster, lighter, and more capacious than the Samsung Portable SSD T1 line. It's not cheap, but if you want the ultimate it does deliver.

TechRadar: This drive is perfect for techies and users of high-end computers. It features 256-bit encryption and it practically sets itself up for you. Best of all: it is light, small, and fast - an amazing device.

PCWorld: Rogue software or not, I'd trade any external flash drive I have for a T1. Scratch that. I'd trade all of them and most of my hard drives for a T1. Tiny, light, very fast for USB 3.0...having to carry a cable around with you is a small price to pay for such performance.  

For those who value portability and performance in their devices, the Samsung Portable SSD T1 is a perfect find. The last thing to consider is the price, which doesn\'t come cheap. The 250GB version is said to bear a $179.99 price tag while the 500GB is set at $299.99. The 1TB is priced at a whopping $599.99. Samsung is offering a three-year warranty for the T1.

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