Jennifer Aniston's new flick, Cake, may be an emotional drama, but she sure hasn't forgotten her roots in comedy. On Jan. 21, she showed everyone that she can still make us laugh just like she did as Rachel on Friends when she played a hilarious game of Lip Flip with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

The Lip Flip game, as the name suggests, has Jimmy Fallon's lips switched over to his guest's face and vice versa. They each have to keep up their facial expressions with whatever their borrowed lips say -- no matter what! Other guests who have braved the lip switching antic are Ricky Gervais, who tried his darndest to fake a Redneck accent, and Drew Barrymore, who butchered Grease with the very musical Fallon.

On Wednesday night's Lip Flip, as Aniston got used to her new pair of smackers, she was apparently impersonating Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade, then became a bona fide Bonnaroo enthusiast who just wants to eat Mac n' Cheese in his tent -- with his fingers!

Meanwhile, Aniston's lips on Fallon made him into a sweet little Southern Belle (who's just a "pretty, pretty, pretty, preeettyy, thing y'all!") who had a bit of trouble adjusting and suffered from a minor hairball. Ahem!!

The two got down to business when the topic of the Super Bowl came into focus.

Fallon turned Aniston into a no-holds-barred "Pats all the way, bro" Patriots fan, and Aniston pulled out all the stops turning Falon into Seattle Seahawks supporter because -- "weed, man!"

Super Bowl fever got the better of the two as they each mouthed off the best attributes of their respective teams and cities.

Brady! Wilson!

Chowder! Coffee!

Cheers! Frasier!

Aerosmith! Pearl Jam!

Superbowl! SUPERBOWL!!

Check out the roll-on-the-floor-with-laughter segment from The Tonight Show right here.

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