Chrys Bader, a co-founder of the popular anonymous messaging app Secret, is leaving his company one year after launch and a month after a major redesign.

The departure was made official via the company's blog late Friday, with Bader explaining Secret's next chapter is one that will not allow him to focus on what he loves.

"With Secret, David and I set out to create a new platform that allows people to be their most authentic selves. I think we did exactly that, enabling us to assemble an incredible team along the way," Bader said in the statement. "It's become clear that the next chapter of Secret is beginning in a way that will be less about the kind of creation and design that I love, and so it's time for me to step down, let the team do what they do best, and focus on what I do best."

The idea of Secret is to let users share secrets anonymously with their friends.

Bader is clearly happy with the progress that Secret has made over the last year and is confident his team will be able to move forward without him.

The resignation is rather surprising, especially as Bader seemed quite proud of the redesigned app when it was launched only a month ago. The redesign had a heavy focus on colors and pictures, making the app look a lot more like a traditional news feed, which is very similar to a competitor called Yik Yak.

Secret has around 15 million users and a staff of 25.

Bader will not walk away empty-handed or broke. He gained a whopping $6 million from the last funding round.

Co-founder David Byttow said he was sad to see Bader leave, and noted Secret has exciting plans for the future.

"We have big plans," said Byttow. "As you know, we went through a major overhaul just a month ago. And while change is hard, I'm happy to say it's been a success on nearly every level."

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