Oh Valentine's Day, it can be a hard day for a person who cringes in the face of too much sentimentality. It's a holiday filled with cheesy cards, oversized stuff animals that have no practical use and subpar flower bouquets. So what's a person to do if they want to express their emotions but feel like they only have Hallmark-style options? For all of you who get secondhand embarrassment when watching a Kay Jewelers commercial, here are 11 Valentine's Day cards that stay away from anything too saccharine. So go on, support the commercialization of a holiday with some dignity.

1. For the ambiguous relationship

2. For the "insert here" addict

3. For the romantic

4. For the person who is really in love

5. For the relationship that started out online

6. For couples that just fit together

7. For the Rob Ford enthusiast

8. For the nerd

9. For the one who likes to customize

10. For the best friend

11. For the anti-Valentine's Day couple

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