It's hard to believe but it's true: Amazon Prime was launched 10 years ago.

Offering free, unlimited two-day shipping, Amazon Prime was billed as an annual $99 subscription service intended for customers who order frequently. Since then, Prime has added a Netflix-like streaming service called Instant Video, a Lending Library that offers free books to Kindle owners, a picture sharing service called Prime Photos, and more recently, Prime Music, a competitor for Spotify.

Amazon has plenty of reasons to be pleased with the reception to Prime. While the company won't officially comment on how many subscribers Prime has, experts suggest it could be as many as 50 million, perhaps even more. Additionally, Amazon recently scored the first-ever Emmy Awards given to an online streaming network for its series Transparent. Here's what's new on Amazon Prime in February.

Today, Amazon released the following infographic to celebrate. It's got some interesting details about what kinds of benefits customers have enjoyed with Prime subscriptions.

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