The body is a fascinating specimen. It's capable of so many things yet can still pull off many surprises, adapting to the myriad of changes people encounter everyday. You may already know many things about the body (you may even have a few quirks unique to you) but there remains many mysteries about it you might not have gotten around to figuring out just yet. For a few, look no further.

When you burn fat, where does it go?

Most people don't really care as long as it goes away. Even experts are not entirely sure, actually, but 50 percent of them believe that fat simply goes away when burned, lost as heat. So where does it all go?

Why is my poop green?

What goes in must go out. Most people don't bother looking at what they birthed into the toilet but for those who make a habit of trying to understand what their poop is trying to tell them, color may be a concern.

Why do men have nipples?

In women, their purpose is very much clear. In men? Not so much. A special function perhaps?

Why do we have two nostrils?

Why not? Because two is better than one? No one really understands the benefit of having two until one gets stuffed during a cold. But is having two nostrils just a means of letting more air pass through? It is indeed easier to breathe with two nostrils but maybe that's not all there is to it.

What does human taste like?

There's always satisfaction after a good meal. With flavors coming together to appease the appetite, there's no greater feeling than being stuffed with the good stuff. Those with more exotic tastes, however, may have a different definition of what passes for a good meal. There's a general consensus that eating your own is not a good idea but cannibalism has persisted for various reasons. You're even doing it right now.

How can I get rid of the hiccups?

There are more than a handful of hiccup remedies out there, some even passed down from generation to generation. Hiccups have been around for as long as anyone could remember and though a simple problem, it never really goes away. Though swallowing sugar and holding your breath may sound like no more than an old wives' tale, they do have scientific basis as hiccup remedies.

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