Battlebots, the show all about crafting deadly machines designed to beat other machines into submission, is getting revived by ABC this summer.

Just like the original show, it will pit homemade robots against one another in a single-elimination tournament until one battlebot reigns supreme. Deadline reports the show will also put renewed focus on the creator of the robots and the process of bringing the machines to life. There will be cash prizes at stake for teams that can manage to bring their bot to the final rounds.

Unlike the original show, weight classes have been eliminated, meaning bots of all shapes and sizes will be competing against one another. Original Battlebot creators Ed Roski and Greg Munson and onboard for the project, which will be taking the form of a six-episode event this summer.

It will have been more than 12 years after Battlebots left the airwaves in 2002 after a five-season run on Comedy Central. The show was a blast to watch, as viewers witnessed mechanical wizards conjure up even more outlandish and deadly machines. From spinning tops to flippers, a number of distinct types began to emerge. And who can forget the deadly traps that littered the arena? Sawblades? Check. Massive hammers? Check. The show had it all. Even Bill Nye got in on the fun.

With all of the technological improvements that have come over the past decade, you can be sure that the battlebots of 2015 will be the deadliest in the show's history. Seriously, what's not to love about this?

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