Sony is increasing its presence in the mid-range smartphone arena with the unveiling of the Xperia E4, a 5-inch device that boasts an impressively long battery life.

The device comes prior to the MWC event in 2015 and is the first smartphone that Sony is launching this year.

The most notable feature of the Xperia E4 is its 2300mAh battery, which Sony says delivers up to two days of "active use." There's even the possibility to extend it a little further when the users opt for the STAMINA and Ultra STAMINA operation modes of the device.

"With Xperia E4, we wanted to offer people some of the premium Sony features they have come to expect -- with unparalleled ease of use -- at a highly competitive price point," said Tony McNulty, vice president at Sony Mobile's Value Category Business Management. "With a simple setup, great screen and unrivaled two-day battery life, we've created an on-the-go entertainment device that will keep on going, wherever you are."

The new Xperia E4 features a MediaTek MT6582 quadcore processor of 1.3GHz, a RAM of 1GB and built-in storage of 8GB. It also comes with a microSD slot, a rear camera of 5MP with full HD video recording capabilities and a front camera of 2MP. The device runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat and has no indication yet of having an Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade in the future.

As for the physical aspect, Sony's Xperia E4 delivers the familiar premium feel and personality found in Sony's products. The device's textured surface, coupled with a slim and curved OmniBalance design, makes it convenient to hold. Likewise, it also guarantees enough durability as provided by its scratch-resistant display.

Other features of the Xperia E4 include quick access to popular apps, Auto scene recognition, quick settings tab and seamless migration from Blackberry, iOS and Android devices. It's an ultimate user-friendly device that has customizable UI themes that can be easily matched with cover accessories.

Apart from enhancing the phone's personal style, customers can also enhance their phone experience with Sony's wide range of accessories, which include the SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset and the BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker.

Sources say that the Sony Xperia E4, which also comes with a dual-SIM version, is hitting store shelves in mid-February. Available colors are white and black.

While there's no information yet about which markets the E4 will be landing in, the company has so far confirmed that it will not be available in the U.S. As for the price, it is speculated that it will retail at sub $150.

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