After months of speculation and rumors, it looks like Gotham's Joker has finally been revealed.

A new teaser trailer for the show's 16th episode recaps all the iconic villains we've met in the show so far, and introduces a new one that the trailer claims is "no joke" as the villain laughs in Joker's signature style. A plot synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals the particular character, who certainly seems to be the Joker, is named Jerome, and is to be played by Cameron Monaghan of Shameless fame.

Showrunners have previously said the iconic Batman villain would be teased before the end of the first season, with reports indicating the show would do a series of Joker teases during the show's first season until his eventual reveal.  

Fans have been on the lookout for possible characters that might transform into the Joker. From the comedian in the pilot to the Penguin himself, viewers are looking for any sign of the Clown Prince of Crime. Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller even went as far to say, in an interview with Screenrant, that the show would be teasing Joker in a "subtle way" and that "hopefully we'll fool them in the end," referring to the show's viewers.

That doesn't look to be the case, unless this is all a bit of misdirection. Monaghan's Joker doesn't have any of the scars or the theatricality many fans expect from the character. That's to be expected, as Gotham is a prequel series to Batman. But does it mean Monaghan is 100% playing the Joker?

One interesting tidbit from the teaser is Bruce Wayne's comments during a Wayne Enterprise board meeting. He specifically cites chemical weapon manufacturing as a cause of concern. In various Joker origin tales, the character has undergone his "transformation" after falling into a vat of chemicals, horribly disfiguring him and making him the insane, laughing trickster we all know and love. Could it be possible Gotham is building up to such an event?

Hard to say for sure. All we know for certain right now is Gotham certainly wants viewers to believe Monaghan is the Joker. If it turns out he isn't, it will make for one cruel joke indeed.

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