Google plans to extend the Google Now launcher, also called Google Experience launcher, beyond the Nexus 5 smartphone.

Google released the Nexus 5 smartphone as the successor to the Nexus 4 on October 31, 2013. The handset was the first device to come pre-loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. The Nexus 5 also came along with its own custom launcher called the Google Experience launcher, which Google said will be exclusive to the handset.

The launcher on Nexus 5 attracted many Android users and reports now suggest that Google may soon offer the Google Now launcher for other Android devices as well.

Google recently updated its Google Search app with few changes and bug fixes. However, a Droid Life report highlights that the app comes along with some interesting changes.

"Through an update to Google Search that arrived today, we are now seeing a new name for the launcher that came installed as an exclusive on the Nexus 5. Previously dubbed the 'Google Experience' launcher, the name has now been changed to 'Google Now' launcher. The name makes a lot of sense, especially since it has Google Now built-in, is actually powered by Google Search, and can access Now with a simple swipe from the left," reports Droid Life.

The Droid Life report points out that following the Google Search software update on Moto X, it asked if the user wanted to import settings such as icons and folders from the older launcher. The report suggests that options like these hint that Google Now launcher may finally arrive on the Google Play store sooner than later.

Google has not yet officially revealed its plans to launch the Google Now launcher for other Android devices. For now the Google Now launcher still officially remains limited to the Nexus 5.

However, there is still a workaround if Android smartphone users want the launcher before Google officially releases it. Users can install the latest Google Search update from the Google Play store and install the GoogleHome APK from the Nexus 5 to experience Google Now launcher on their Android handset. Droid Life has also listed the process of installing the Google Now launcher on an Android device.

The new launcher offers the Nexus 5 a unique look, which has slightly larger icons when compared to other Android devices. A left swipe on the Nexus 5's homescreen instantly takes a user to Google Now for instant searches, reminder, navigation directions and other features offered by Google Now.

Android customers who want to officially download Google Now launcher from Google Play store will have to wait until the company makes an official release.

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