How Many Calories Are In A Chipotle Burrito? The Answer Is Severely Depressing


It's a fact of life: fast food is great, but it's not exactly healthy. If you're looking for something quick and don't mind the extra calories, fast food is perfect. Of course, it's important to remember that everything should come in moderation because a balanced diet is important for keeping fit.

For what it's worth, Chipotle is one of the most popular 'fast casual' restaurants in the country right now. It's quick and easy like McDonald's, but it doesn't feel like fast food. After all, it's a burrito, and that can't possibly be as bad for you as something like a double bacon cheeseburger with fries, right?

As it turns out, it just might be: according to a new study by the New York Times, the average Chipotle meal tops out at over 1,000 calories, with plenty of sodium on the side.

While it's true that the Times' figures are ballpark estimates, it's still shocking. Most meals come in at around 1,070 calories, or just over half of what most adults eat per day. Look at it this way: if you order an average meal at Chipotle, you're getting about half a day's worth of calories in one sitting...and that's only the average. The graph clearly shows that there are plenty of meals that hover around 1,500 calories, and some that even eclipse the recommended 2,000-calorie-per-day mark.

That being said, it should be noted that there are plenty of healthier options, too - they just don't seem to be quite as popular as the average 1000-calorie meals. Items like chicken bowls and salads tend to average at around 800-900 calories per meal, which are obviously a bit easier on your system than the restaurant's other choices.

What it comes down to is this: if you're ordering a meat burrito, chances are, you're getting more calories than you need. On top of that, you're getting roughly 85% of your daily sodium intake as well. If you're not worried about your waistline, at least make sure to stay hydrated.

Let's face it: Chipotle is fantastic food, especially for a fast food chain. Just remember, while it's not nearly as bad for you as some of the other options out there, you should be aware of the nutriotional information.

Basically, don't do that.

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