Instead of attempting to steady a thermometer in the wailing mouth of an already upset baby, Joywing's Wishbone only needs to be pointed at the child to get a reading of his or her temperature. The contactless thermometer also gauge temperature in under two seconds.

The Wishbone thermometer, likely named after its "Y" shape, attaches to any Android or iOS smartphone to report temperature reading back to its companion apps.

Harry Hu, founder of the Joywing Project, says he know well the hassle of attempting to take a baby's temperature. He's a parent himself and he owns a store that sells baby products.

"Babies are precious, but sometimes can be a hassle when not feeling well," says Hu. "Taking a child's temperature can provide you with tremendous insight into their health. but accurately taking a child's temperature can be a challenge."

Users need only hold the smartphone attachment near the child for a second or two in order to get a temperature reading. Wishbone users can also take the temperature of their babies' bottles, the weather outside or of themselves.

While in-ear thermometers are a speedier alternative to oral variants, Joywing touts the Wishbone's ability to take temperatures without making physical contact.

"Wishbone works much faster, is less prone to user error and is smaller than both traditional and infrared thermometers," says Joywing. "It also doesn't require contact, so it won't disturb your baby's sleep or be contaminated."

The Wishbone's smartphone integration also allows users to compile histories, giving them more insight into their child's health or the well being of themselves.

"Using historical data, parents and couples can create charts to help them understand their situations and make better decisions," says Joywing. "For example, couples can identify ovulation periods by looking for a small but clear spike in female body temperature."

The Wishbone is on Kickstarter right now, with a week left in its campaign. And with well over $140,000 pledge to a campaign that sought at least $20,000, the Wishbone is closing in on its final stretch goal and appears to be on track to hitting production lines -- Joywing is still finalizing prototypes right now though.

The first set of stretch goals, $30,000 and $40,000, unlocked new colors for the WishBone, but the $10,000 and $20,000 marks from there brought the pledges to bring more features to the thermometer. The final version of the Wishbone, barring any changes, will include an object mode, ambient mode, sharing feature, iOS HealthKit integration and pets mode.

The Wishbone goes into production in March. In the meantime, see it in action here:

Wishbone: The World's Smallest Smart Thermometer from Joywing Tech on Vimeo.

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