Microsoft jam packs a rack of new tools and features into a major update for Xbox One's Upload Studio. With the latest update, Xbox One counters a punch thrown by Sony with the PlayStation 4's recent updates to its video editing tools.

The redesigned user interface allows users can manage clips or record new ones right from the Upload Studio's home screen, while the new tools inside of the box afford players more creative control now.

"The team's goal is to give you all the tools you need and the flexibility to use those new features however you see fit," says Larry Hyrb, Xbox' director of programming that goes by his gamertag Major Nelson.

Here's what's new and important with the Xbox one's Upload Studio:

Video Clips

  • 30 Minute Clips -- Users can now create videos with up to 15 segments of video, which can be spliced together for a combined runtime of up to 30 minutes. Videos can be sorted and bundled together in whatever order the user chooses.
  • New Video Source -- The Upload Studio's video sources have been expanded to include the Kinect, so users can mix in clips of themselves into their gameplay videos.
  • Green Screen -- In theory, promoted by Xbox as a reliable feature, a gamer can use the Kinect to create a pseudo green screen effect -- the Kinect can track the user and discard the background, enabling the individual to insert behind them whatever scene he or she chooses.
  • Templates -- Users can group their video clips and place them onto templates that include intros, outros, transitions, splash screen and double-box clips that overlay videos on top of other video.


  • Video Enhancements -- The Upload Studio's effects now includes transitions, title cards, intros, effects, splash screens, templates, text overlays and voice overs. Users can drop the transitions between clips, which are spliced however the player chooses, and can plop down effects and voice over on top of any click in their sequences.
  • Templates -- For those who don't want to play director, the Upload Studio now includes template to which users can feed their video clips. Some of the templates include Top 5 forms to present five of a player's top clip and commentary layout, ideal for talking heads to stamp their faces and voice over on top of their gameplay footage.

"We are constantly astonished by what the community comes up with and I can't wait to see what everyone does with these new features," says Nelson.

Check out Nelson's overview and demo of the retooled Upload Studio:

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