Cookie Monster Gets Deep With Food-Related Shower Thoughts


While exploring the art museums in New York City, Sesame Street's furry blue monster only had one thing on his mind—food.

Known to typically share only a few words when talking about his love for cookies, Cookie Monster got deep, sharing his food-related thoughts inspired by Reddit's r/ShowerThoughts.

It seems like the art in New York City truly inspires some really deep thinking, leaving us pondering over gems like "What really was the best thing before sliced bread?"

"It's weird that we cook bacon and bake cookies," Cookie Monster thinks out loud because, well, how could he not throw a cookie thought (or two) in there?

Sure, Cookie Monster is known for his addiction to cookies, but it turns out he appears to be quite a foodie. He is also very logical when it comes to providing excuses to eat one of our favorite fried sides.

"Hmm, onion rings are vegetable donuts," he says. While we may have never looked at them this way before, we will definitely add onion rings to our list of veggies we are planning on eating today.

There are also some funny thoughts regarding lobsters and mermaids, as well as lasagna and cake.

"Surely if tomato a fruit, than that make ketchup a jam," he says.

Watch Cookie Monster creatively ponder deep thoughts about food in the video below.


[PHOTO CREDIT: The Watercooler/YouTube]

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