BlackBerry released a new version of BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android users. The new version of the app, BBM 2.0, features Voice, Channels, Dropbox and other new features.

BlackBerry's sole success in recent years has been BBM. The company recently expanded the reach of BBM by placing it on the iOS and Android app stores. Now, a new version of the app adds a significant amount of new features that BlackBerry hopes will make BBM even more popular among users who don't own a BlackBerry smartphone. With BlackBerry's share of the smartphone market dwindling with each passing day, the update couldn't come soon enough.

BBM 2.0 for iOS and Android includes a voice calling function called BBM Voice, which was previously unavailable for those without a BlackBerry in their hands. Voice allows users to call any of their BBM contacts over Wi-Fi or over their data plan for free. This is a nice feature for those traveling abroad with Wi-Fi access who hope to avoid incurring extra charges.

BBM Channels was also added to BBM 2.0. Channels allows users to categorize message-board like conversations based on theme, topic or personality. So if you want to join a conversation about cars, books or your favorite celebrity, you can.

The new update now lets BBM users share files via Dropbox and their current location with Glympse. The location services are quite nice because they let you give real time updates on your location. The next time you're late for work and everyone's in the conference room waiting, you'll appreciate this feature. If your boss knows that you're right around the corner carrying six cups of coffee, there's a smaller chance you'll be in trouble for your tardiness.

The Dropbox sharing function is quite nice, too because it brings one click sharing to BBM users and its all over the cloud. BBM 2.0 comes with more emoticons as well so that you can express yourself with a single image instead of six sentences.

These new editions to BBM should help BlackBerry convince new users to give its app a chance. BlackBerry certainly needs all the revenue it can get from BBM because most of its other projects are in a severe slump. So long as BlackBerry continues to add new, interesting features to BBM, the app will remain competitive in the very crowded messaging app world.

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