If a new report holds up to be true, then we could see the announcement of a new Apple TV in April. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is in talks with Time Warner, along with other partners, to add video content to the rumored device when it becomes available.

Already, Time Warner provides live channels, on-demand content to the Roku, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets, Samsung Smart TVs and the Xbox 360, via an app called TWC TV. However, the company is yet to secure a content deal with Apple so far the Apple TV is concerned. If this rumor turns out to be true, then it could mean big things for Apple as the company moves forward to bring more quality contents to its loyal users.

For the most part of 2013, rumors have been heavy on TWC TV coming to the next Apple TV. The previous rumor suggested that the Apple TV could launch by the second half of 2014; the latest report by Bloomberg has added extra fuel to that fire.

Apple usually calls its $99 Apple TV product a hobby, which means the whole thing could be scrapped at any time. However, with the small success the device has gained over the years, we expect Apple to put more support behind it in order to have a strong presence in the living room.

Bloomberg claims the new Apple TV will come packed with a faster processor, and a new user interface to make it easier for users to navigate through their favorite content.

If the Apple TV does indeed launches in April, potential buyers should expect to get their hands on the device by Thanksgiving or Christmas of this year.

Whatever Apple is working on, could be huge, as rumors in the past have suggested that the company is planning to release a product to disrupt the traditional cable market in a big way. Such a product has yet to bear fruit, but things could change, come April, 2014.

Apple cannot afford to lose out in the set top-box market, as more players are expected to make a foray. One such player is Amazon, which recently acquired game developer, Double Helix. This move could be proof that Amazon plans on entering the world of the living room by using video games as a major selling point.

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