In asserting that it is "keenly aware" of the games shortcomings and bugs, Bungie says matchmaking is finally returning to Destiny in the upcoming patch 1.1.1. While it won't be added to Nightfall, a matchmaking mechanic will be wired into Weekly Heroic strikes.

Those still reading likely have been waiting for matchking to be rolled out in strikes for quite sometime. For the uninitiated, strikes are co-operative matches in which players group up in fire teams to tackle objectives and build character.

Bungie Community Manager Deej BNG broke the news about matchmaking's return, taking to Bungie's blog to remind the community that the studio is listening.

"We know you've been waiting, but we're also keenly aware that you've been asking for more insight into what you can expect from our team," says Deej BNG.

Bungie initially wanted Weekly Heroics to build bonds between buddies but then the studio found out that strike didn't require the level of cohesion often only realized in pre-made groups, according to M.E. Chung, design lead.

"The overwhelming community response was such that many players didn'thave the numbers on their friends list to experience the activity on a weekly basis," says Chung.

With the delivery of matchmaking, lone wolves will be forced to join a pack in order to take on strikes. Nightfall will remain as is because Bungie believe players will want to stick together when they fail and are kicked back into orbit.

There's no matchmaking for raids either, but Bungie is "keenly aware of the issue," stated Chung. The team is, however, considering ways to make it easier for players to find groups up with for raids, he says.

"We think good Raid sessions rely on groups of communicative players who are invested in each other, but we know that it's challenging for many players to find groups for Raids and Nightfall today," says Chung. "We are thinking hard about how we can help make that an easier experience in future releases."

Along with matchmaking, patch 1.1.1 will also include a fix for Destiny's heavy ammo bug. Those spending their precious strange coins on heavy ammo shouldn't have to worry about spawning with a fraction of what they munitions that actually had.

"This bug was mainly risky because it was at the intersection of a lot of different systems - player profiles, investment, sandbox, perks, and weapon management," says Jon Cable, sandbox engineer.

We do not have the date yet when patch 1.1.1 will be released. However, Bungie says the patch is just about complete.

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