Ever since "twerking" or "booty popping" has become appreciated by the mainstream, it seems that the popular dance has spurred on an influx in technology.

An audio design company in Copenhagen, AIAIAI, has taken its exploratory and experimental nature to the next level with the development of the Booty Drum. For those who don't know about the high quality audio company, the Denmark-based institution has been a leader in acoustic and electro-acoustic design and engineering.

Striving to surpass the trend-driven aesthetics within the audio industry, AIAIAI's newest product looks to become independent of current market tactics. "It became interesting to see how it would be cool to develop something based around how to shake your a-- to music and how you can also revert things and make music with your body as well [sic]," said a member of the AIAIAI crew responsible for the Booty Drum.

Teaming up with Portugese DJ Branko, Dutch design and technology company OWOW, and Twerk Queen Louise, AIAIAI gave lovers of the boom something innovative with the Booty Drum. The wearable device works by taking the movements accentuated by a dancer's rump and transfers it into sounds through accelerometers. Each movement of the cheeks can be assigned its own drum trigger, meaning that someone well-versed in the Oxford definition of "twerking" can build up some unique percussive patterns.

Branko, AIAIAI, OWOW and Twerk Queen Louise create an imaginative piece of music via wearable tech that's been dubbed a "real booty music project." As science continues to merge with technology, adding the flesh component to the mix means that artists can create something entirely new.

To be fair, it doesn't sound too bad. You can see for yourself the results of the device in the video below. If your workplace is a bit squeamish about jiggly parts, be forewarned that the excessive butt-shot close-ups might be NSFW.

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