Another day, another Suicide Squad film rumor, but this one is just too much fun to pass up.

For a while we've known actor Jay Hernandez's would be joining the cast of the film. However, nobody was quite sure who he would be bringing to life on screen. According to Latino Review, Hernandez will be playing the obscure DC Comic villain El Diablo, who will make a minor cameo appearance during a scene at a super criminal prison.

He also won't be alone. Latino Review goes on to say El Diablo will be joined by a number of other lesser known DC villains, though one will be familiar for fans of The Flash TV show. Killer Frost is said to also have a cameo, alongside Block Buster, King Shark, Livewire and possibly more.

Let's hope this rumor is true, just so we can all have the opportunity to see a CGI shark-man sitting in a prison cell. It's worth pointing out that King Shark, El Diablo and Killer Frost have all been official members of the Suicide Squad in the comics at some point. Whether or not that holds any significance at this point is unknown.

So take all this information with the usual grain of salt. In the meantime there is plenty of other Suicide Squad news to buzz about. Word is that Will Smith and the rest of the cast have yet to read director David Ayer's script for the film, with Smith saying Ayer is only giving the actors in the film "character information." 

The film might have also found its new Rick Flag. Originally set to be played by Tom Hardy, the actor later dropped out of the role. The search for a new actor has been going on ever since, and the latest name to appear on the web as a possibility is Joel Kinnaman, who starred in the 2014 Robocop reboot. He seems like a good fit for the role, but as with all these rumors, we will just have to wait and see what the film's creators have in store.

Suicide Squad is set for a 2016 release. 

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