There are countless child prodigies who have wowed and amazed us all over the years. From Marie Curie to Pablo Picasso to Paul Erdös, young minds have revolutionized and changed cultures near and far since the dawn of man.

For Esther Okade and her family, it appears that a similar path will befall this precocious 10-year-old.

In a write-up posted to The Telegraph, Esther Okade is one of the United Kingdom's youngest university students, having accepted enrollment with the Open University, a long-distance learning school. As a university undergraduate, this talented preteen is studying with those two-times her age for a math degree.

Intriguingly enough, with her admission only three weeks old, she is already at the top of her class. The youth from Walsall, a town near Birmingham, England, isn't the only member of her family with an Erdös-esque skill with numbers — her six-year-old brother Isaiah exhibits an A-level in mathematics, as well.

"From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university," her mother, Efe, said in a chat. "Applying to the university was an interesting process because of her age. We even had to talk to the Vice Chancellor." Upon interviewing the prepubescent prodigy, the headmasters of the university realized that the notion of coming to university was "her idea from the beginning." Efe entered her daughter's application in August, and after going through a rigorous phone interview, an essay, and a math exam, she received word in December that she had been accepted into Open University.

Esther recently took a test and scored 100 percent on it. "Esther talks about running her own bank one day," added Efe. "She has a lot of plans, and talks a lot about finances. She says she wants to be a millionaire." Her younger brother, Isaiah, is looking to follow in his sister's path, as he is learning calculus and advanced algebra. "Even when he was in my tummy Esther was already teaching him."

Watch this Open University student and future millionaire talk about her love of numbers in this video below:

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