Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late Whitney Houston with fellow singer Bobby Brown, hasn't regained consciousness since she was brought to the hospital on Jan. 31. She was found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Roswell, Georgia.

Doctors are suggesting that Bobbi Kristina may have to be hospitalized on a long term due to coma. However, on Feb. 25, it was reported that Bobbi was taken off medication that was keeping her in a coma.

"There will be a sign of hope, and then nothing," said one family source. "Every day, we wonder if this will be the day that we get good news. We're hoping for a significant change soon but we know that it may not change anything."

Sources say that doctors had attempted to take Bobbi Kristina off various medications. However, doctors were forced to place her back on drugs when she started having seizures as soon as the medications were stopped.

In the meantime, Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, was ranting angrily after being barred from seeing Bobbi.

"My heart is full of angry after the Browns have shut me out," tweeted Gordon. "They don't even know her. Sabotage."

As a way to pay tribute to Bobbi, Gordon revealed a new tattoo showing Bobbi's face.

"I miss her so much," added Gordon. "I seem so weak right now. You all have been so supportive! Thank you for everything."

Bobbi Kristina's mother Whitney Houston was found in a similar situation in a bathtub when she died in 2012. Her death was ruled as an accidental drowning. Some of the contributing factors included cocaine and heart failure.

There was word initially about taking Bobbi Kristina off life support. Her father Bobby resisted the attempt. According to reports, he was always at the hospital, taking care of his daughter.

Bobby has also decided to cancel his upcoming Australian tour.

"Bobby Brown's upcoming Australian Tour featuring special guests Treach and Kay-Gee from Naughty By Nature has been postponed to May to allow Bobby Brown to spend further time with his family," stated Brown's camp regarding the decision.

Alicia Etheredge, Bobby's wife, is contradicting the rumors circulating that Bobbi Kristina was taken out of coma.

"All this info is not true ... don't know why they keep reporting all this made up info." Friends and family continue to pray for Bobbi's recovery.

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