Warner Bros. in conjunction with Cartoon Network is working on an Adventure Time movie that is destined for an unknown release date. For those who are unaware, Adventure Time is a popular cartoon that follows the adventures of Finn and his dog Jake.

The story is set 1,000 years after a nuclear war, which sent the human race almost into extinction. Finn, for quite some time, was considered the only human alive, and he is now living in a land called Ooo. Finn is only 12 years old, and he has to go through puberty without any other human around to help him understand this new feeling.

The primary storyline of the show is to protect the land of Ooo from the Ice King, who was once human but is now a mad tyrant who doesn't remember who he was before the nuclear explosion. Furthermore, Finn is out to locate other humans, but for a long time he failed to find others like him.

In fact, there are many like Finn, but they are not human despite having similar characteristics. For example, the Bubblegum Princess looks human, but she is not.

Deadline reported Chris McKay and Roy Lee, the men behind The Lego Movie, will head the film. From what we've come to understand, McKay will help with the development of The Lego Batman Movie and was also the man behind the ever funny Robot Chicken.

We should point out that the Adventure Time movie is not live action but animation. We figured many might have wanted to see this project go down the route of live action but it wouldn't have been a good idea.

A live action Adventure Time would be too expensive because it would require a lot of work to bring all the weird-looking characters to life. Animation is better, although at the moment, we are unable to say if Warner Bros. is going with 3D animation or 2D animation.

We would much prefer it to be in 2D, but we doubt the minds at Warner will do this because it might not give off that quality needed for film.

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