Hey guys, remember when Snuggies were a thing? You know, those big fleece blankets that had sleeves and were meant to be worn like backwards robes? Well, they're back in the news, but you're probably not going to like what you're about to hear.

Allstar Marketing Group, LLC, the marketing company behind the Snuggie infomercials, just settled state and federal claims that there were hidden charges that nearly doubled the cost of the product, according to Bloomberg Business.

Apparently, that "buy one, get one free" offer was too good to be true, because the company didn't mention well enough that there were additional fees and handling charges that made that extra "free" item basically not. Some consumers possibly even purchased more items than they intended to due to a confusing ordering process. 

Allstar has agreed to pay an $8 million settlement and improve the ordering process so it's clearer to customers. This includes giving people multiple opportunities to confirm orders before placing them and making "ordering and return procedures" clearer, the company said in a statement, according to Bloomberg Business.

Oh, Snuggie. It's so sad things had to end up this way. We had a few good years of awkwardly snuggling up and walking around the house together. Everyone kind of thought you were a joke, but they bought you anyway, resulting in more than 30 million of you sold. I guess the joke's really on us. 

In the late 2000s, the Snuggie was like a life-sized emoji before emoji were even cool. This is right around the time people started wearing things ironically, and that was definitely one reason why the Snuggie got so popular. I mean, just look at it. Something of a cult following formed around the Snuggie, which had websites dedicated to it, several parodies of the commercial on YouTube and Oprah even endorsed them in 2009.

You can still buy the Snuggie today in all sorts of terrifying patterns. Hopefully, with its improved ordering system, the price won't be as scary now.

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