Streaming in next to patches to Sony's latest console, the Xbox One has received a major update for March. The update is stuffed with some of Xbox One owners' most requested features, fed into Microsoft via the Xbox Feedback Site.

Headlining the March update, screen grabbing now lets Xbox One owners snap shots on their consoles by double-tapping the "Xbox" button and then tapping "Y" to take the still. If that seems too akin to entering a cheat code and requires too much effort, users ask their Xbox Ones' to snap shots by passing the demand along through their Kinects.

The Xbox team updated the Upload app to support screenshots so that users can manage both still and moving pictures via the tool. Users can set screenshots as the backgrounds, post them to their activity feeds, fill their showcases with them, share them in messages, upload them to OneDrive and share them on Twitter.

Apparently, Microsoft isn't working through the most-requested feature based solely on consumer demand. As user "Drunk 4 Sale" points out on the feedback site, the ability to play music from "unsnapped" apps has more than twice the votes as calls for the ability to take screenshots.

Though the ability to take screenshots wasn't the most requested feature, it did receive a high number of votes. Other features on the list ranked considerably lower in the voting, but they're here nonetheless.

The suggested friends feature, as indicated by its name, offers a list of suggestions of Xbox one users gamers may know. Along with finding people they didn't know were on Xbox Live, users can also follow popular content creators.

There are now new ways for Xbox One users to share their government names. They can share them with their friends or make them public knowledge.

Tile transparency has been added via the update, allowing users to tweak the opacity of their tiles. Meanwhile Party chat has received new mic icons to show users their status of their own microphones.

Voice search was updated so that users willing to share when information when using Bing can do so anonymously.

Finishing off the March update, the Xbox team rolled out more TV support for Oceania. The delivered to Australia support for Live TV, OneGuide and Digital TV tuner.

For those who still didn't receive features they've been waiting for, check out Xbox Feedback to vote.

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