Toyota has issued a recall order for a total of 112,500 units of certain popular models of the Japanese automobile manufacturer due to possible power steering issues and electric vehicle software problems.

According to Toyota, it has not received any reports regarding accidents, injuries or fatalities that are connected to the issues stated by the recall orders.

The first part of the recall order involves 110,000 units of Toyota's Camry and its hybrid version and the Highlander and its hybrid version, along with RAV4 SUVs with model years 2014 to 2015.

Toyota said a circuit board used by the electric power steering system of the vehicles "may have been damaged" in manufacturing. The damage could result in the vehicles losing power assist to steering.

While manual steering without the power steering feature will remain operational, there is an increased difficulty in steering vehicles without the technology, especially while in low speeds. In fact, driving a vehicle with its power steering turned off is more difficult than driving a vehicle that does not come with power steering in the first place since the vehicle's mechanics are designed in such a way that power steering is actually required.

Toyota said that a warning light will be shown on the dashboard of the vehicle when the loss of power steering occurs, with the automobile manufacturer admitting that the disabled feature could increase the risk of an accident.

The Camry, among the models included in the recall order, is the best-selling vehicle of Toyota in the United States. It was in fact the third top seller for the month of February.

The second part of the recall order involves around 2,500 units of the RAV4 EV battery vehicles with model years 2012 to 2014.

According to Toyota, a software problem can cause certain components in the assembly of the electric motor to suddenly shift to neutral, which would kill all drive power to the RAV4. The problem will also lead to a warning light with the statement "Check EV System."

If the drive power to the vehicle is removed, the driver will not be able to steer the RAV4 to safety away from any possible crashes, increasing the risk for road accidents.

Toyota said that the owners of the vehicles affected by both parts of the recall order will receive a notification through mail. Owners will be requested to take the affected vehicles back to their dealer, which would fix the issues at no cost.

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