The excitement surrounding the latest flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, seem to intensify with the release of new accessories made exclusively for the devices. Fashionable and eye-catching, these accessories, revealed by the, help to maximize the handsets' features and provide easier access to simple daily tasks like checking the time or answering a call.

Samsung has also partnered with a number of fashion brands to create more choices of cases and other types of accessories that look chic. The company undoubtedly knows there's a huge market for smartphone accessories and wishes to tap that area with a new lineup that caters to "handset fashion" buffs and case collectors.

One of the most notable accessories is Samsung's clear-view case. It is made from opaque material and has the ability to reflect objects similarly to a mirror. Other details can also be viewed, such as the weather and time, all without having to open the case or even unlock the device. The clear-view case is designed to simultaneously protect the handset and show off its beauty. The material is comprised of metal covered in glass and its raised sides cover the edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The latest addition to the handset covers, which now include the S-view cover and flip cover, is the fabric-based accessory that gives a different sense of touch and feel to the handset. They come in an array of elegant hues, including turquoise, mustard yellow, pale gray, charcoal black, tangerine and beige.

Samsung also offers the Level headphones and speakers that are designed to work perfectly with the devices. There's an additional impressive lineup of headphones and audio accessories that fall under the same category.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge support wireless charging. For this reason, Samsung created wireless charging pads that are sleek, handy and user friendly. They even work as great interior design pieces.

For a more stylish way of customizing the phones, Samsung is proud to announce that the company has partnered with popular brands and designers that span at least eight unique companies. There are now over 60 types of accessories due to the so-called "Designed for Samsung" project.

In a different project, Samsung has partnered with six fashion labels, including Romero Britto, Rebecca Minkoff, Swarovski, Mont Blanc, Burton and Kate Spade, to come up with 25 different accessories for user enjoyment.

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