Fans of Samsung and other Android handsets have long been proud of the "removable battery" feature of their devices for several years, believing that the feature gives them an edge over the iPhone loyalists. However, the recent launch of Samsung's Galaxy S6 at the MWC 2015 showed that the battery of the new flagship device seemed to be non-removable.

After probing further, it was learned that the "non-removable" initial battery impression given by the device connotes that unlike other devices, its battery cannot be removed simply out of a whim. This also reminds the user of the old adage "you can't have it all" since it's simply choosing between having a device with a removable battery and something that has a unibody design. The marriage between the two should be taken as a rare or even impossible occurrence.

Of course, there is always an exception to every rule. If, by any chance, the need to replace the S6's battery comes out as an emergent need or has resulted from an untoward incidence, then changing it should be possible.

Changing the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 shouldn't be taken as a hobby or as a regular affair. The company has ensured that the process is done with utmost care by enlisting the steps to do so in the device manual. While it may seem tempting to venture into following the steps while inside one's home, the user is warned that only an authorized repair personnel from Samsung should attempt to do the process.

The manual states that there are only 6 steps needed in removing the battery. These are:

First: Remove the SIM card tray.

Second: Remove the back cover.

Third: Loosen and remove the screws.

Fourth: Remove the circuit board.

Fifth: Disconnect the battery connector.

Sixth: Remove the battery.

"Damage or faults caused by the unauthorized removal of the battery are not covered by the warranty," stated [pdf] the manual as an added warning to the device owner.

The instruction manual also contains images that could help in explaining further the steps involved in removing the battery. Looking at the whole process, it appears like finding a quick solution to change the battery when one is on the go will not be very easy. The delicacy of the process is a clear reminder that the device's battery is not something that one should mess with.

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