With the upcoming crossover event, Convergence, DC is looking to rewrite a lot of its universe's lore. It's not the first time that the publisher has pushed the reset button, but it looks like these may be some of the most drastic changes that DC has ever made.

While some stories will continue on after the event is finished, many characters and stories will be changed forever (or, at least until DC wants to reset everything again).

One of the most common side effects of reworking the continuity is the introduction of new costumes, and Convergence is no different. A number of different DC characters are getting new threads after the event ends in June, and these aren't B-list superheroes either: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman will all receive new costumes once the event is over. Check out the new look of the Dark Knight:

Fans have known about Batman's new costume for a bit longer than the others: the mechanized suit was introduced recently, and there's never been anything quite like it. In the past, Batman was known for his sleek, stealthy costume - walking around in a giant, mechanized suit (complete with bunny ears) probably won't elicit the same response. Also, he's definitely got a gun in his hand - did Batman ditch the 'no killing' rule, or is this someone else entirely?

Rumors about revealing Superman's secret identity have been floating around for some time now, and his new costume almost confirms it. After all, if you were the most powerful being on Earth with no further need for a secret identity, why wouldn't you fly around in jeans and a t-shirt? There's definitely some Superboy influence in there, and it'll be interesting to see if DC sticks with the more casual look or backpedals into the red-and-blue tights.

Wonder Woman's outfit isn't quite as drastic a change, though it's definitely noticeable. Gone is the one-piece swimsuit: now, Diana's sporting a more armored look, complete with sleeves and actual pants! If DC was going for the Warrior Princess look, they've definitely succeeded - that being said, it's amazing that DC has stuck with the red, gold and blue color scheme for so long. It feels a bit antiquated at this point, and while it's pointless to think that DC would completely change her costume, perhaps something more muted would prevent Wonder Woman from looking like a USO showgirl straight out of the 1940s (though this is a step in the right direction).

Of course, as with all costume changes, fan reactions are divided. Again, it'll be interesting to see if DC decides to stick with the drastic changes it's made, or if the heroes will revert to something more traditional. Considering just how many costume changes these heroes have gone through over the years, it's best to assume that the new threads aren't permanent.

Also, check out the new designs for Flash, Green Arrow and Green Lantern.

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