Some people get cold feet before their wedding, so it's normal for couples to ask, "Is this something we really want?" But this one bride straight up left her man after he failed to answer one simple question correctly.

And no, the question wasn't, "Do you love me?"

Instead of testing his love for her, an Indian bride tested her fiancé's math skills by asking him what 15 plus six is.

He replied 17. 

The bride dumped her groom right there at the altar, walking out of the ceremony after discovering that he couldn't do simple math. Because it's common for marriages in India to be arranged, many brides and grooms-to-be are hitched without knowing each other.

Local police said that Mohar Singh of the village of Rasoolabad arranged the marriage between his daughter Lovely and the man named Ram Baran. While Lovely was smart enough to test how smart her future husband would be, walking away caused an uproar at the wedding.

Allegedly, the family of the groom tried to make a case for him, urging the bride to come back. However, she refused to marry him, calling him "illiterate."

"Even a first grader can answer this [the maths test]," Singh said, also noting that his family was not made aware that Baran was poorly educated.

Local police stepped in to mediate the situation and all wedding gifts were returned. It could have been worse for the groom, though. There was an Indian bride who married another man at her wedding after her fiancé suffered from a seizure at the ceremony.

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